22 March 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- Sartiorialist Reception...Adamson Gallery, 14th Street NW


-h of candid cool said...

1. there’s something about her that I dig. Cool clutch too.
3. I like the cardigan + bowtie combination. Neat shoes and I like the pop of the gold watch.

Anonymous said...

OMG, this post top looks horrible, where-in-the heck did you find this person?? PLEASE, delete this post immediately Chike!!

shame-shame-shame :(

Sean said...

wow, she's a disgrace!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! i kinda like that look... the hair slicked down, the overalls, the simple gold jewelery to compliment the gorgeous multi-colored clutch ... she kinda has this cool confidence to her... hmmmm, sounds like a tough crowd of HATERS Chike!!

Chike-Ikechi Is said...

the recent responses are a bit harsh dont' you think. Granted that due to the angle that i shot the first picture, her top has a few uneven bumps/creases. However, pay attention to the look as a whole and the individual pieces too.

Her clutch caught my eye plus the overalls added a different twist to what could have been a simple pants and white top ensemble. The hair is a pleaser too might I add.

Constructive criticism is better than blurting out "delete this post" (which you know I won't). Rather lend pointers. We're all here to pick up ideas on how to recreate or add to our style. So please, helpful commentary (not saying all have to be in praise of the outfits) or none at all.