25 July 2008

CHICAGO, IL -- Street Beat...Make-up to Match, E. 59th Street & S. Woodlawn Ave

Asides from the trendy frames, I noticed how her eye make-up complemented her racy zebra jacket. The little things...

p.s. click picture to get an enlarged view

CHICAGO, IL -- Street Beat...Save Darfur Tee, W. Roosevelt Road & S. Jefferson Street

The distressed nature of the jeans caught my eye, even though I know with all the technology behind jeans manufacturing that their not as old as they appear. Quirky shirt to add.

12 July 2008

Another Chike-Ikechi Hiatus

For those who have been frequenting the site and wondered where I vanished to, I sincerely apologize. St. Louis hasn't been the best of places to style hunt for various reasons. Namely, my lack of transportation in getting around the city.

To quench my boredom and to put my noggin to use, I've assumed a post as a menswear correspondent for online fashion magazine, My Fashion Life. In addition to snapping the odd photo, I'm also very much into fashion journalism so I'm just flexing my abilities in this new role. The magazine is starting up a men's section, My Fashion Life: For Him and I've been behind the early workings of that venture.

Pay the site a visit to get fresh, opinionated perspectives on fashion news, shopping and beauty advice, trends and more. There's something for both ladies and gents!

Chike-Ikechi will be back...