26 March 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Reinvented Expressions of Herringbone, Howard University

I seem to be on a jacket fixation of late when it comes to the gents. In the case of this jacket, why wouldn't you be! It's not only the jacket though that won me over, but the stimulating patterns that are tied together in a harmonious manner. However, the herringbone patterned jacket is what had me transfixed with the ensemble. A weave pattern such as herringbone comes with an aristocratic air that has made it an almost timeless fabric. Thus, the meeting of a herringbone weave on a mod, youthful jacket creates a vicious concoction of old school class blended with present-day urbanity.


Queen Olu said...

I like some of the style I see here, Ikechukwu. I can't believe people dress this nice to school. Sometimes I just wish students in my school will stop wearing pajamas to class. They have to start dressing up.lol

DON'T SWEAT IT said...

gorgeous man