8 March 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...A Perfect Rendition of Tie-Dye

I made it a point to launch this blog with an individual that spoke to my vision. Today, African fashion is experiencing a resurgence; one that is etched in redefining and reclaiming a past that was somewhat misconstrued. Jean Allman, in Fashioning Africa: Power and the Politics of Dress, touches on Africa dress being perceived as merely costume and void of fashionable elements. With the creative mindset of this aspiring Zambian designer (pictured above), Shumo-el Mumba, the tide will only continue to turn on this epiphenomena thrown on African fashion.

Welcome to Chike-Ikechi!


Anonymous said...


This should be interesting!

Looking forward to it!


DAV!D said...

1. I have a problem with the West always trying to define other cultures. Everything is poetic to them but theirs. Just hate it! Hissss

2. It's about time homie. Been waiting on this blog... We are gonna do all we can to defy all these dysfunctional theories about African fashion. God bless us!

fabulosity said...

yay!! i'm excited!! can't wait for your posts!

DAV!D said...


I truly recommend this blog.

Wadami said...


ms green said...

congratulations guys
i am excited to see what interesting things will be up here

ms green

A calm in the storm... said...

you have a fan. Even though I am not all that into fashion, I would love to rock African prints like I rock any other fashion.

I love the vest homeboy is wearing.