3 April 2008

WASHINGTON. DC -- At School...Casual Plaid, Howard University

Yes, we often yearn for that complete look coupled with the overall wowing feeling, but at times settling for subtle "ooh's" and "ahh's" can be just as fulfilling. In my opinion, sometimes it is the individual items and how their worn that can edify you the most on style as opposed to mirroring an entire Marc Jacobs runway ensemble item-for-item. Training your eye to pick out what works, what doesn't, and what is expressive of your person safeguards you from coming across as a runway replica with no sense of individuality.

With that being said, plaid is experiencing a renewed resurgence in fashion. Regardless, I've always been smitten by the pattern. I spent some time playing football (i.e., soccer) in Scotland so I became a real sucker for plaid and the whole Scottish culture (haggis is a scrumptious dish)! Despite teetering on an almost everyday feel, the plaid colors above are bold and enthusiastic and give off that mood of reverence to heritage that defined the early Pringle of Scotland collections.

Pringle of Scotland, Fall 2005

Photo: Marco Madeira (men.style.com)


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the green color suits him extremely well. and the hat is a nice touch