12 July 2008

Another Chike-Ikechi Hiatus

For those who have been frequenting the site and wondered where I vanished to, I sincerely apologize. St. Louis hasn't been the best of places to style hunt for various reasons. Namely, my lack of transportation in getting around the city.

To quench my boredom and to put my noggin to use, I've assumed a post as a menswear correspondent for online fashion magazine, My Fashion Life. In addition to snapping the odd photo, I'm also very much into fashion journalism so I'm just flexing my abilities in this new role. The magazine is starting up a men's section, My Fashion Life: For Him and I've been behind the early workings of that venture.

Pay the site a visit to get fresh, opinionated perspectives on fashion news, shopping and beauty advice, trends and more. There's something for both ladies and gents!

Chike-Ikechi will be back...


Kim said...

LOOOOOVE Your blog! I'd absolutely love for you to join The Urban Style Collective, a new community for fashion bloggers of color!

here's the link:

let me know if you have any questions:

Bleu Diamond-Phillips said...

You are definitely one of the best on Blogger, with regard to fashion. I look forward to your return.

Bleu Diamond-Phillips said...

One more thing . . . can you please tell me where in D.C. I can find authentic, native Nigerian attire for sale. Usually, I wait until someone I know is going home, and have them bring it back for me. But no one is traveling in the near future. I need something new to wear to AfricaFest 2008.

Anonymous said...

wow, its been a while but glad to see you still up and working

Chike-Ikechi said...

Hey Bleu diamond-phillips...thanks for the kind words. I'll posting periodically when I bump into style patrons.

As for African fashion, look towards Cote Minou (http://www.coteminou.blogspot.com). These ladies are phenomenal and they just started dabbling into menswear so give them a look. They can definitely pull something together for you!