25 June 2008

Chike-Ikechi on Jamati Online!!!

Usually when you start out in an industry such as fashion, you make it a point to know where your roots are and stay close to those few friends you began the trek with, espousing each others work at every opportunity.

I'm sure you've noticed that duo of Côté Minou hold that spot in my heart as dear friends. I love these ladies and what their doing for fashion, African and mainstream.

The anticipation has been mounting for the label to stake their rightful claim on African fashion and my word did they do it with some pizazz! Côté Minou recently had their official unveiling to the fashion world through the event, The Paparazzi Launch. Audiences were wowed and the press coverage has begun to roll in for Côté Minou and I couldn't be any happier.

I mentioned a while back that I helped shoot the Côté Minou look book and a few shots from it were included in a recent interview the Maryanne Mokoko and Stephanie Mouapi did with Jamati Online, a full-fledged e-zine that provides a portal into the African Diaspora.

The Côté Minou/Jamati interview can be viewed here and the shots featured in the post.


Shirlene Alusa-Brown said...

Thanks for the love Chike...the pictures definitely enhanced the interview!

Côté Minou said...


Timmy said...

so you also take pics for editorials too..thats freakin' awesome

vogued out!!! said...

pretty amazing. Bravo to them! thanks for posting.