29 May 2008

ST LOUIS, MO -- Street Beat...Summer Hats, Rag-O-Rama + Delmar Loop

The hats definitely consummate their respective outfits.

A Change of Scenery...St Louis, Missouri

So my time in Washington, DC has come to a momentary end. I've graduated from Howard University and have since moved to St. Louis to hopefully take up a summer research post in the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis before I embark on graduate school.

What does this move spell for Chike-Ikechi? Well my focus will now shift towards capturing the style that exists in St. Louis and its surrounding counties. I'm new to the city so it will take some trekking about to locate where eccentric denizens congregate. In the interim, bear with me and Chike-Ikechi--we are not abandoning what we've started here.

Stay tuned and thank you all for your patience.

20 May 2008

ST LOUIS, MO -- Street Beat...Horizontal Stripes, Heather Hill Lane

Interesting that The Sartorialist reported a similar trend of horizontal stripes for this spring. Coincidence or should you proceed to get horizontal!

19 May 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Graduation Best, Howard University

I know I've given GQ a plug before on their How To Buy A Suit: The Complete GQ Guide, but I had to bring it back again for all my collegiate brothers who are about to embark on the real world. Congratulations to the class of 2008 and I hope my piece of advice goes a long way in helping you set the tone in your prospective careers. I stand by the saying looking good is good business because when you wear a suit that fits, you will notice an immediate effect in your carriage and confidence which will ultimately spill over into your approach to work. Like the chap pictured above; get yourself a suit that accentuates your physique and complements your youthful swag. Splashing about experimental colors such as a purple tie or a brown ochre colored shoe complete with matching belt doesn't hurt either and detaches the suit from its somewhat conservative realm.

8 May 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Best Foot Forward, Howard University

To put your best foot forward this summer please get a stellar pair of sandals that make you own any look! It's not by coincidence either that Harper's Bazaar's May 20th Best Buy Of The Day feature was a pair of Etro sandals (pictured below) so getting that pair of sandals for the summer couldn't come at a more opportune moment.

I love the detailing on young lady's sandals that gives it that safari chic look thats going to be big this summer. Also, going for a sandal that has an ankle strap of some sort will only flatter, accentuate, and draw admirers to the physique of your ankle/lower leg. The Etro sandals really capture the gladiator sandal trend with the volume of straps it has. The young lady's sandal, on the other hand, is a more delicate rendition of the gladiator sandal with its single strap. In appreciating the entire sandal complete with its creative ankle straps, it is only natural for the movement of the eyes to welcome the beauty of the lower leg (and hopefully your entire outfit if your as stylish as Ms. Ashley here)! So do away with those flip flops and put your best foot forward people and you can't go wrong this summer!

Photo courtesy of Davies + Starr (Harper's Bazaar)

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Skull & Bones Baby, Howard University

The colors of the shirt, tie and vest come together beautifully. But I'm also loving his little skull and bones trinket on his wallet chain. As we can see here, the skull and bones symbol is not reserved for the dark, hard-edged, rocker image, but can blended into a colorful, light-hearted aesthetic.

Stefano Tonchi (below), New York Times Magazine's style editor, steps out in a daring manner in terms of tie selection. Infusing the "skull and bones" fashion insignia on a tie and pairing it with a very polished suit complete with pocket square shows that the "skull and bones" is hitting high-end fashion circles in a suave way! Jim Jones, Shop Boyz and others alike who put this skull and bones look on the map are really starting a crossover culture don't you think? Party and work like a rock-star indeed!

Photo: Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Hints of Blue, Howard University

I love what she did with her eyes. It's the littlest of things...

WASHINGTON, DC -- Street Beat...Tribal Footwear, Kenilworth Avenue, NE

4 May 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- Street Beat...Mixed Trends, Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station

The nautical feel of the cardigan thrown over a floral top is a nice play on some spring/summer trends. She said the playfulness of the scarf topped off the sailor effect she was going for!

1 May 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- Côté Minou Outtakes

Recently did a photo shoot for the lovely ladies of Côté Minou for a look book their putting together for their recent collection. Here is an outtake from the shoot. These ladies are definitely delivering that element of Africhic into fashion. Their ability to work African fabrics into very modern, sophisticated looks for the everyday woman is what separates Côté Minou from other design houses who work primarily with African fabric. Look out for the official launch of Côté Minou this summer, June 21, 2008.