8 May 2008

WASHINGTON, DC -- At School...Skull & Bones Baby, Howard University

The colors of the shirt, tie and vest come together beautifully. But I'm also loving his little skull and bones trinket on his wallet chain. As we can see here, the skull and bones symbol is not reserved for the dark, hard-edged, rocker image, but can blended into a colorful, light-hearted aesthetic.

Stefano Tonchi (below), New York Times Magazine's style editor, steps out in a daring manner in terms of tie selection. Infusing the "skull and bones" fashion insignia on a tie and pairing it with a very polished suit complete with pocket square shows that the "skull and bones" is hitting high-end fashion circles in a suave way! Jim Jones, Shop Boyz and others alike who put this skull and bones look on the map are really starting a crossover culture don't you think? Party and work like a rock-star indeed!

Photo: Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)

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vogued out!!! said...

again the men at howard are soo stylish. thanks for posting.